Every year, winter is hard on our neighbors without homes. Seniors, veterans, and families with low income struggle to keep the housing they have. When something goes wrong in their life, it can lead them to spiral back down, erasing months or years of progress.

But you can help in a very big way!

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This year Giving Tuesday is on November 30th and we’re hoping to raise $25,000, enough to stockpile a supply of 500 Critical Needs Vouchers, worth $50 each.

We can then give these vouchers out as people come to us with immediate and urgent needs – to prevent their lives from spiraling out of control.

What makes a Critical Needs Voucher so effective?

A voucher gives the person the freedom to just go and get what they need most, right now.

Think about it this way:

Imagine someone who needs a bus pass, or to fill a prescription, or warm socks, gloves or a hat, or gas for their car so they can get to work.

This happens all the time with our neighbors especially during the cold winter months. Our team hears about all sorts of urgent and immediate needs, such as:

  • A prescription refill
  • A coat, socks, hat, or other clothing
  • A new ID card
  • A warm meal
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Medicine for kids
  • Transportation

A $50 Critical Needs Voucher allows the person to get what they need, right away.

And unlike cash, it cannot be used to purchase anything and everything. Sometimes, to make it as easy as possible, we’ll even send the voucher to the store, and all they have to do is go to the store and use it.

Will you be a local hero and give what you can to help us raise $25,000? Your generous donation will help us provide help when people need it most.

Thank you for helping us provide 500 Critical Needs Vouchers to our neighbors this winter.

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Thank you for helping us stockpile 500 vouchers for the winter!

What Is Giving Tuesday?

In case you haven’t heard of it or never had it explained, Giving Tuesday happens every year the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Week are all about spending money.

Giving Tuesday is a way to restore some of the real meaning back to the holiday season. You can involve your kids and other relatives, and share your actions on social media to help remind people to be generous during this time of year.

As always, your donation to Community Action of Skagit County is tax deductible.

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