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The Capital Campaign:
Community Action has launched a capital campaign to meet the growing needs of our community!

Last year, Community Action helped nearly 30,000 hard-working individuals and families find tools and support to get out of poverty while mobilizing more than 3,000 volunteers. Yet, as the gap widens between housing expenses and local wages, we saw a 21% increase in service needs from 2015 to 2016. We need the right-sized building to address the size of the issues in our community, and we're kicking off our campaign to purchase and renovate a new services center in Skagit County at 160 Cascade Place in Burlington, WA.

You can support our capital campaign here

The new services center will expand programs and services to help more people in Skagit County in the following ways:

  • Skagit Opportunity Center: The Skagit Opportunity Center will help our clients reach their educational, financial, and employment goals. The center will build off our Equipping Families for Success Initiative in an effort support families on their path out of poverty, while also focusing on children's programming to help break the generational cycle of poverty.
  • Housing and Resource Center: Community Action is the designated Coordinated Point of Entry for homeless services in Skagit County. The new center will provide private and confidential intake areas along with safe, short-term childcare which will allow staff to utilize best practice assessment tools during intake. 
  • Skagit Vets Connect: This new space has the endorsement of 5 local veterans' organizations and will provide a safe space for veterans to find support and resources. Such services include access to housing services, benefits, and opportunities to engage in volunteer service to the community—something recent conflict vets say is helpful to their re-integration.

Some other services in our new services center include:

  • Women, Infants & Children (WIC) and Maternity Support Programs
  • Kids Drop-in Zone and Kids Instructional Zone
  • Skagit Volunteer Center
  • Senior and Disabled Services
  • Legal Aid Services
  • Critical needs donations of clothing, food, and supplies


Community Action is committed to developing a more ideal facility to best serve our community and has located an existing building that meets not only the current needs but also allows a space to ‘grow into’ over the next 20 years. After more than two years of search, we have a letter of intent on a facility at 160 Cascade Place in Burlington, approximately 1.3 miles from our current location. The new building offers nearly 27,000 square feet of service space in a central and easily accessible location. The facility is structurally sound, requires only modest renovations to meet service-delivery needs, and is a cost effective solution—at approximately $160/square foot to purchase and renovate compared to $200-$250/square foot for new construction.

  Projected Costs  
  Purchase of 160 Cascade Place and closing  $        2,730,000
  Remodel and Moving Expenses  $            800,000
  Furnishings and signage  $              70,000
  Operations 2018-2019  $            200,000
  Campaign Costs 2017-2018  $            200,000
  Total Cost for Services Center  $        4,000,000
  Projected Income  
  Net Proceeds, Sale, Current Facility  $            725,000
  State Grants  $            600,000
  Private Foundations  $            900,000
  Donations  $        1,735,000
  In-Kind  $              40,000
  Total Revenue for Project  $        4,000,000

For a more detailed timeline and campaign overview, please click here.


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If you would like more information about this project—why now, and why Community Action—please contact Joan Penney.


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