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Homelessness, substandard housing and the lack of affordable options are part of a national crisis that destroys lives, wrenches families apart and degrades communities. Every day more people live on the edge and solutions often are elusive.

Skagit County has the lowest vacancy rate in available housing in the state of Washington. Over the last 10 years, housing costs have risen most quickly for our counties lowest-earning workers.

Healthy Community Vacancy Rate
Skagit County Vacancy Rate
Increase in Skagit County’s population since 2010
Increase in housing units since 2010
Mismatch between housing needs and unit availability
Increase in monthly rent since 2010
Increase in monthly rent can cause homelessness
Children started the school year homeless in 2019

Poverty and homelessness are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. High housing costs leave low-income persons with little money for other important expenses, such as healthcare, food, and education, leading to difficult budget trade-offs.

Affordable supportive housing is a platform for driving change and improving quality of life. As an intervention and prevention platform, it anchors a community and provides a launch pad for delivering a variety of health and social services.

Community Action is committed to meeting the needs in our community.

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