Community Action Board of Directors

To fulfill our Community Action National Performance Standards, the 12-member board of directors represents our community and the people we serve: one-third public sector (elected officials); one third private sector (business, nonprofit, education, faith-based, etc.); and one-third client sector (from groups self-organized among low-income community members).

Our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access goes beyond requirements. Over 15 years ago the board convened the Latinx Advisory Committee (LAC), which has grown into a coalition of 150+ leaders, service providers and community members. With bilingual monthly meetings and public policy listening sessions, the LAC’s mission is to build relationships, develop leadership, and advise decision-makers. The LAC nominates at least one participant to become a Community Action board member.

2021 Board Roster Representing Sector
Elizabeth Ibanez
Worksource Skagit
Client Sector
Kati Ortiz
Skagit Valley College
Client Sector
Kaila Roberts, Secretary
Head Start Policy Council
Client Sector
Cora Steinhauer
Welcome Home Skagit
Client Sector
Richard Brocksmith, President
Mount Vernon City Council
Public Sector
Tracy James
Swinomish Tribal Community
Public Sector
Laura Riquelme
Skagit County Superior Court
Public Sector
Ron Wesen
Skagit County Commissioner
Public Sector
Gregg Davidson
Private Sector
Kari Ranten, Vice President
Skagit Regional Health
Private Sector
Silvia Reed
Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce
Private Sector
Vacancy Private Sector