Skagit Food Distribution Center

The Skagit Food Distribution Center, a partnership between Skagit County and Community Action, was established in 2006 as our county’s first ever centralized Food Bank Distribution Center.

The centralized warehouse allows the county’s food pantries and hot meal programs to effectively work as partners, streamlining services, saving time and money – and it promises to yield more food for our county’s hungriest families.

Why is it needed? Simply put, we’ve been missing out on millions of pounds of food per year! The lack of a centralized facility meant individual food pantries were on their own to collect, transport and store food. The centralized facility fosters cooperation and also makes it easier for those interested in doing food drives or otherwise supporting anti-hunger work to benefit all food pantries. The Distribution Center also successfully increases the amount of high quality local produce reaching food pantries through relationships developed with local growers. These foods are welcomed options to families who in the past have had limited access to fresh food products.

Skagit Food Distribution Center

Beside central food bank storage and distribution, how else is this facility used?

  • As a central location to hold food and fund drives.
  • As a gathering point for anti-hunger coalitions, linking food pantires and school districts, supporting weekend backpacks for school children, hospitals, nutrition programs, gleaners, farmers and others interested in ending hunger.
  • To help support local agriculture. Our Distribution Center brings fresh, locally grown produce to food pantries, meal programs, and other anti-hunger initiatives.
  • As a coordination hub for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, providing monthly food boxes to low-income seniors (60 years+).
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