In-Kind & Donation Drives

Families and individuals come to us needing items vital for health and life: food, toiletries, jackets, tents, sleeping bags, gas for a car to get to work – you name it, and we’ve tried to connect people with what they need to get ahead.

Previously, community members, churches, civic clubs and others generously ran donation drives to provide basic need items for us to give away.

  • Download our Current Volunteer & In-Kind Donation Opportunity List!

COVID Precautions: Want to make a gift of things? Please go through these steps:

No Unsolicited Donations Accepted

Please do not stop by the agency to drop off items without checking in with us first. For the safety of our clients, staff and donors, our lobby is closed.

Cash donations are safest and easiest for us

For safety of donors and clients, we now prefer to purchase what people need rather than accepting donated items. Donations of items requires safety protocols, and staff time to inventory, valuable storage space. Your cash donation helps us be efficient, to put your dollars to work for the greatest immediate needs. It helps us get what someone needs when they need it. Go to  to find how to make a donation by mail, phone or online.

Limited acceptance of in-kind donations

On a case-by-case basis, we may be able to accept the following items. Please contact us at to find out about current needs. We can also let you know if donation drives or other ways to help are currently available.
Current Items we MAY take:

  • Food
  • Diapers, Baby Blankets, & Homemade Baby Hats
  • Hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)
  • New or gently used tents, sleeping bags, blankets
  • New or gently used warm and waterproof coats

Interested in hosting a fund drive?

Financial Donations are the safest and easiest way to support those we serve

These are examples of items you can help people with at different giving levels:

  • $10 Gift cards for people going for treatment who require meals.
  • $20 A birth certificate to help a veteran become eligible for emergency housing.
  • $40 Fill a family’s gas tank so they can get to work and school.
  • $54 Identification cards and driver’s licenses so that people can access services:
  • $20 for a replacement ID card | $54 for a renewal or for a driver’s license.
  • $100 Purchase 750 pounds of local nutritious food for the Food Distribution Center to get out to all food bank customers in the county.
  • $150 An alternator for a client to install in the car in which they live, so they won’t be cited for an abandoned vehicle.
  • $200 A mattress and set of Star Wars sheets for an 8-year-old child who was starting school and still sleeping in mom’s bed.
  • $250 Replace clothing for a family who lost it all in the flood.
  • $300 Eye glasses for a disabled client who needs transition lenses.
  • $350 Install tires for seniors on a fixed income who could not afford.
  • $400 Replace a senior’s broken stove so she can bake her grandkids cookies.

$500 Keep two households of low-income veterans warm with a cord of firewood

Complete this short form and we will contact you to help organize your food or fund drive!