How to Donate:

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3….4

Step 1:  Find a jar or container.

Step 2: Print label and tape to jar or container.

Step 3: Place in high traffic location (your kitchen, next to a cash register at a business, on your desk at work, at church).

Step 4: Drop coins at Community Action at 330 Pacific Place, Mount Vernon or connect with Pastor Rand O’Donnell to deliver.

The Mountain of Hope Fundraiser

Every penny makes a difference and when we all work together, we can put together a lot of pennies and make a huge positive impact in the lives of our neighbors, family, friends and the entire community. The first pennies provided one person hope.  Let’s collect a mountain of pennies, A Mountain of Hope.

  • Goal is to build an endowment of  $100,000,000 pennies or $1 Million.
  • 21 Million Pennies or $210,000 has been raised for the MOH.
  • Contributing to the MOH endowment is a great way to support Community Action of Skagit County’s mission!
  • When you give to the Mountain of Hope, you are investing in someone’s life, a person, a member of our community.
  • Over $30,000 in dividends invested in direct programming to-date.

The Mountain of Hope endowment directly supports Community Action of Skagit County’s mission to stabilize lives, equip people to meet their goals, and build a stronger more equitable Skagit County.

A message from the Mountain of Hope founder

The ‘Mountain of Hope’ idea flows from my experience with people who find themselves in need. People in critical need search for places of compassion and a way forward. Their needs are many but often they are simply on the edge: out of gas, out of food, out of shelter, or the power/gas to their home is being turned off. They and their family are facing a critical need.

Many if not most of the churches and helping organizations across Skagit County offer help on a daily basis. Compassion after all is a good thing. It heals, lifts and provides strength to neighbors and community alike. “Mountain of Hope” offers longstanding compassion for critical need. Just think of it, thousands who already know the joy of helping others will be joined with thousands who are waiting for the opportunity. Anyone with a penny can become part of a great story of hope.

Pastor Rand O'Donnell