When parents are unable to access programs due to literacy and/or language barriers, their children often lack resources to progress in many core development areas, particularly in literacy and kindergarten preparedness.

In addition, a toxic stress response can occur when a child experiences strong, frequent, or prolonged adversity. Stabilizing the family and reducing stress allows families to focus on their child’s development.

The challenges under-resourced families with young children face in securing access to basic necessities. With increased stability and a reduction in stress and trauma, parents and children are able to focus on becoming successful in the school system and in society.

Maternity Support Specialist / Family Liaison serves under-resourced individuals and young families through case management, home visits, resource support and education, based on the family’s specific needs. We work with clients with children aged prenatal to 6 years. Families are connected to employment and childcare, assisted with enrollment forms for the Head Start Program, and other pre-K programs and resources.

Sixty-five percent of MSS clients live under the Federal poverty level, with another 32% living at 200% of the Federal poverty level.

Seventy-five percent of MSS clients are Hispanic / Latino.

Community Action’s MSS case manager has a degree in education and she has provided care and compassion to thousands of parents with young children here in Skagit County for over 20 years. Incredibly, in 2022, Community Action’s MSS case manager served 198 mothers, 322 infant children, and 296 other family members.

To support this work, contact donations@communityactionskagit.org.

Client Heart Story

Here is a client testimonial that staff have assisted with, in the past. Please note, they have given permission to share their story.

A stock photo of a mother breastfeeding her child.

2022 Lucia’s Story

Lucia arrived in Skagit County in May. She was 7 months along in her pregnancy when she came to WIC and was referred to Iris for assistance with housing. Community Action’s Maternity Support Specialist was able to receive assistance from local churches to shelter her in a motel for 5 weeks. Iris also helped her to access Apple Health Insurance. All of this, just in time, as she gave birth prematurely. During the baby’s stay in the hospital, she moved into a very small trailer in West Mount Vernon. Iris continues to assist the new family with their needs.