In 2018 Stephanie and her son Will came to Community Action living in their car, seeking assistance from the Housing Resource Center. Stephanie had struggled with a methamphetamine addiction, a drug that was introduced to her by her father at age 13.

Community Action was able to work with her, along with other area shelters, and temporarily house them at the Family Development Center. Providing housing stability is the first step in helping families move into recovery and the process of mapping out a plan that provides long-term stability.

Stephanie has been in recovery since 2016 and is in a rent subsidy housing program while she pursues higher education at Skagit Valley College. While she still worries about what the future holds, she knows that she has the power and the ability to make a successful life with her son and move into full-time employment.

Stephanie shared with us a few thoughts about what keeps her going:
“I know some days are more difficult than others, but I just keep reminding myself of where I want to be. I am so thankful for all those who have helped me. I know I can stop the cycle of addiction in my family. I am doing it now.”

Our friends at the Skagit Mount Vernon Rotary have also stepped in with some resources to help Stephanie and Will. There are several members who visit her regularly and even attend Will’s soccer games. “The relationships I have developed with them makes me feel like a real person, like a grown-up. I am proud of myself now with all the good things that are happening.”