Our approach is simple.

With very few affordable available housing units in our community, we first focus on helping families and children in our community stay housed through program assistance like our energy assistance, financial empowerment courses, adult education classes, senior and disabled services, and many more. These programs help low income individuals keep their housing expenses near 30% which can be the difference for many between affording their homes and becoming homeless.

Unfortunately, over 4,000 individuals are homeless in our community and over 30,000 Skagit County residents are in need of our services. Community Action is the first stop for individuals in need of a helping hand. We are the the coordinated entry point for the county. Individuals who walk through are door are assessed for eligibility to receive service benefits and housing. Our case managers walk shoulder to shoulder with our clients to help them find temporary housing, and connect them with our programs like Women Infant Children (WIC), Job Training & Employment, Veteran’s services, and much more to help individuals gain the skills they need to get back on their feet.

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